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Rick Hartbrodt started with the mission statement upon the start of the  RSR Concept in 2015, to create something quite apart from the world of 6 or 12 month backdate builds on one hand and the expensive Singer cars on the other hand .  Singer makes a wonderful, compelling car.  Our goal was to make a car as compelling as a Singer and yet save the pain of Singer's $620,000 base price and 18 month waiting list. Two used Singers sold in the 4th quarter of 2019.  Both sold for more than $800,000. 


The RSR Concept went on the drawing board in 2015.  After a 5 years and more than 3,800 man hours, we’ve managed to accomplish what we set out to do.  Obviously we had to re-engineer pretty much all the components to bring the car up to 2020 standards as infuse the build with modern power and convenience.  We were able to draw from decades of racing and design expertise we have.

The man behind this car has been designing, and building Porsche cars for nearly 50 years during which time he has owned an independent Porsche facility in Southern California and has restored dozens of Porsche cars some of which have won concours competitions and or sold for world records.   

Weight optimization with maximum body stiffness is a prerequisite for a good working suspension and in turn good road holding. We have stiffened the body at all the points we’ve considered necessary in order to be able to absorb the road forces effectively. Here too our racing experience has come in handy.    We believe our work speaks for itself.  View the various systems of the car, each with its own page to view the "open wallet" built ethic which we think resulted in a very special car. We are of the opinion no part of this build can be improved upon from the standpoint of quality and drivability and importantly reliability. The air cooled 993 Vario Ram flat six engine, the race prepped 915 transmission, the suspension, the steering, the brakes, the lighting, the wheels, the interior, all receive state of the art enhancements.  Right down to the Titanium lug nuts. The result is a one off, jewel like, drivable piece of art.  



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