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In addition to being the best looking spoiler ever fitted to a Porsche car, the Duck Tail provides 12% downforce at speed. With a profile designed by Tilman Brodbeck and improved by Tony Lapine, many hours of wind tunnel testing resulted in rear end lift reduced from 320 lb to 293 lb at 152 MPH.  along with improved cooling and a lower coefficient of drag.  The "duck" is considered to be one of the top design features created by Porsche.  

When you take a car down to the bare frame and begin a restoration one must hand select hundreds of parts to improve upon this iconic car. Painstaking hours are invested over years in order to do it right.  Again this is NOT your average back date.

This investment in time, expertise and money has made this car a magical beast that will give you a visceral feel unlike the average back date. This car was not built to be resold. There was too much planning and thought and money invested to ever recoup the investment. Unfortunately health has forced the sale.

When buying a resto mod of this quality be sure to note the inside of the fenders seen in the photos of the individual panels seen in the tab 'Paint and Metal Work'.  You can barely see the weld lines for the metal flares. They were skillfully butt welded. The metal was "worked" and no filler or bondo was used. This prevents cracking and paint issues years down the line.  


The car was stripped down to the bare shell so the wiring was redone, hand built and installed with new plugs and connections custom fabricated specifically for this car and the equipment unique to this car.  The wiring was done by an ex factory tech whom is highly skilled on Porsche bodies.   

Technology of this car is cutting edge in all areas.  Please check out the electric AC, new to the world of 911 Porsches, and the electronics.   The paint and bodywork are superior. More spent on these two items then most spend on the entire backdate.  The paint is Glasurit 22 applied by the shop that is a consultant for Glasurit Paint.  The depth and gloss are palpably better than almost any high end exotic. The sides and flat surfaces of the car are as smooth as a glass table top. Ripples on the sides of 911 is a pet peeve of the owner.

Anodizing (e.g. window frames) has been ceramic coated for durability and for scratch resistance.



The top of the line jammer technology is ALP.  AntiLaser Priority.  The laser jammers have 3 heads to defeat the pinpoint beam from the even the latest guns used on the street, including the latest threat, Dragon Eye.  Rick Hartbrodt researched and found this jammer (AntiLaser Priority) is the only countermeasure that successfully jams Dragon Eye guns in a way the user of the laser gun cannot tell you are running a jammer.  The front spoiler has a reinforced notch allowing for insert of the laser head at the correct distance from the road surface.  Both left and right horn grills have also been very slightly modified and re-chromed allowing for the two outboard laser heads/receivers to be positioned at the correct position relative to the road, car and to the center head.  

ALP three head system allows you to use JTK (Jam to Kill).  Your goal is to slow down to the speed limit as quickly as possible and then immediately kill your jammers, allowing the officers to get a reading off your car doing the speed limit. This process is called JTK, or jam to kill. You jam the gun until you kill your jammers thereby not causing suspicion by the shooter.

Cheaper less effective jammers only do JTG. Jam to gun.  This kills the signal right up to the officer with the laser gun.  Not a good idea since it becomes easier for him to figure out that you are jamming his signal.  


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