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Following the red donor car photo are photos of the body showing test fitment of the flares and removal of the sunroof.  Car was then prepped for the addition of the Carbon Fiber roof panel. Rick Hartbrodt only added the CF roof panel after extensive work on the roof allowing a space for the CF panel to sit in a depression so it is flush with original roof slope.  This is unusual as most backdates are done by bonding the new roof panel on to the top of the original roof creating an unnatural curvature of the roof (if the heavy sunroof apparatus is even removed in the first place) . Most builders use the less expensive fiberglass rather than the expensive carbon fiber if they remove the sunroof weight at all.  Removal of the sunroof panel allows for 35 lbs of machinery to be removed from the very top of the car resulting in significant lowing of the center of gravity creating significant increase in handling performance.

The paint and body work are superior. More spent on these two items then most spend on the entire backdate.  The paint is Glasurit 22 applied by the shop that is a consultant for Glasurit paint.  The depth and gloss are palpably better than most high end exotics. The sides and flat surfaces of the car are as smooth as a glass table top.

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