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As charming as air-cooled Porsches may be to drive during the day, we know just how bad the stock headlights on any pre-modern era 911 are. With that, we are proud to offer the best Porsche headlight upgrade money can buy for a backdated classic air-cooled car. Almost all backdates built today slap the old headlights back on in order to save several thousand dollars doing this upgrade.

MODERN: This Porsche headlight upgrade will literally out-perform the $2000 bi-xenon option on the latest Porsche 991. They're designed around the latest bi-xenon projector from Morimoto and produce an extremely wide, extremely bright, and perfectly distributed beam of light in low beam mode. Their bi-xenon high beam opens a literal flood gate inside the projector to illuminate a unlimited range of road ahead.

BUILD-TO-SPEC: The Porsche 911 bi-xenon headlights’ simplistic design was inspired by the headlights that Singer Design builds for their $700,000 dollar Porsche restorations. Rick Hartbrodt took it a step further than Singer and customized the interior graphics with the car name - RSR Concept - engraved on the projector lenses and exterior trim color, and style to coordinate with the backdate look. 



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