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The AC unit comes from Classic Retrofit in the UK.  Classic Retrofit designs and manufactures direct-replacement modern electronic upgrades for classic Porsche cars. Their product range includes state-of-the-art electric air conditioning systems for classic Porsche 911s, upgraded CDI ignition units, plug-and-play blade fuse panels with improved power handling and blown fuse LED technology. (See Below)  Electrocooler electric air conditioning transforms the classic car ownership experience.  Finally Porschephiles have an AC unit that can quickly cool and keep cool a vintage Porsche.  Electrocooler is the first 12V electric A/C system to offer levels of cooling comparable with that of a modern car.

A complete AC system redesign for air cooled 911s. Features:

  • All Electric. All modern components

  • Weighs around 30 lbs (14 kg) Huge weight savings over original less efficient unit

  • Fits in front luggage bay

  • Lightweight narrow hose set weighing under 4lbs (1.5kg).

  • Non-damaging bolt-in installation.

  • Clutter Free. Uses the standard fresh air vents to deliver cool air.

  • Simple to Use. Control by a single ‘smart button’.

  • Modern double cage blower with integrated evaporator.

  • Energy Efficient. Uses less than 1 HP of engine power even when operational leaving HP for the drive

  • Our friends in hot climes can now use a vintage 911 during the summer months

Elec AC - 2.jpg
Elec AC - 1.jpg
Elec AC - 3.jpg
Elec AC - 4.jpg


Classic Retrofit's high output alternator developed in conjunction with WOS Performance is the ONLY alternator available for the 911 that can deliver a continuous current in excess of 100A.  The alternator can deliver 75A at idle.

The design uses all new 6 phase internals inside a billet alloy casing that bolts into the 911 fan housing. It is a direct fit to this car.  

Other 'rewound' alternators claim high output but cannot reject the heat generated by the windings for a sustained period.  

This is Classic Retrofit's upgraded high-output alternator for classic Porsche 911s.  

Tested at over 145A amps on the standard 911 pulley and belt and with a simple installation process, this UK-manufactured upgrade is the highest output alternator available for your classic Porsche 911.  The idle output is in excess of 75A!

This is a brand new unit, not reconditioned and there is no core charge or exchange.  Based on the Denso 6 phase 'hairpin' alternator, the casing has been custom designed to fit all 911 fan housing from 1965 to 1989.  The alternator offers superior efficiency and produces less heat than the original units.

This is not a 'rewound' Bosch or Valeo unit.

With so many electrical upgrades pushing old-school charging technology to the limit, Classic Retrofit's upgraded alternator for classic Porsche 911s is the perfect addition to a modern-day classic. 

Used in conjunction with our electric A/C, this alternator offers higher levels of cooling without compromising battery voltage.

Fitting to our 911SC demonstrator led to an instant increase of almost 10% in charging voltage. This may not sound like much, but it is huge in voltage terms: even half a volt can transform headlamp brightness, starter efficiency and battery health. For cars running additional electrical items such as bigger stereos and additional lighting, this is a game changer.


The Ultimate Car Security Camera That Sees Everything

Secure360 is the connected 360-degree dash camera that captures everything going on in and around your vehicle, all the time, even when parked.


The Secure360 will be given to new owner in the box so it can be installed in location of new owner's choice

                           Intelligent Design That Does The Thinking For You

The Secure360 packs amazing technology into a beautiful low-profile design.


A single lens provides a truly seamless 360-degree view in and around your car


Advanced HDR engine with multi-exposure fusion and motion artifact reduction provide crystal clear video


IR LEDs help the Secure360 see in low light conditions, even in the dark


The deliberate absence of a battery in the camera body and a novel spiral architecture optimizes heat dissipation to perform under extreme conditions.  Rick Hartbrodt elected to include the unit with the purchase instead of installing in case new owner did not want to use the device.



High-performance Ambarella camera processor manages an abundance of visual data, providing sharp and clear video


Fusion of radar, 3-axis accelerometer, and GPS provide intelligent event detection for your parked vehicle


Low-power sensors sleep with one eye open, protecting an unattended vehicle for an unprecedented 360 hours or 15 days

WAYLENS - 1.jpg
WAYLENS - 4.jpg
WAYLENS - 3.jpg
WAYLENS - 2.jpg




The Classic Retrofit 911-FPR fuse panel fits all 'impact bumper' 911s 1974 - 1989.  It requires no serious modifications to the original wiring loom or metalwork and is 'plug and play'. The original Porsche fuse panel cover is used for an entirely standard appearance. See more information and images below - contact us with any questions.

  • 21 way Fuse panel.

  • LED Fuse failure indicators

  • Integrated headlamp relays

  • Mounting kit (gasket and standoffs)

FUSES - 1.jpg
FUSES - 2.jpg



The top of the line jammer technology is ALP.  AntiLaser Priority.  The laser jammers have 3 heads to defeat the pinpoint beam from the even the latest guns used on the street, including the latest threat, Dragon Eye.  This jammer (AntiLaser Priority) is the only countermeasure that successfully jams Dragon Eye guns in a way the user of the laser gun cannot tell you are running a jammer.  The front spoiler has a reinforced notch allowing for insert of the laser head at the correct distance from the road surface.  Both left and right horn grills have also been very slightly modified and re-chromed allowing for the two outboard laser heads/receivers to be positioned at the correct position relative to the road, car and to the center head.  

ALP three head system allows you to use JTK (Jam to Kill).  Your goal is to slow down to the speed limit as quickly as possible and then immediately kill your jammers, allowing the officers to get a reading off your car doing the speed limit. This process is called JTK, or jam to kill. You jam the gun until you kill your jammers thereby not causing suspicion by the shooter.

Cheaper less effective jammers only do JTG. Jam to gun.  This kills the signal right up to the LEO with the laser gun.  Not a good idea since it becomes easier for him to figure out that you are jamming his signal.  

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