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This suspension has great adjustability to cover a wide range of driving styles and driving situations from easy down the street with your girl to aggression at the track.  Adjustable so that individual preferences can be easily dialed in. 

Weight optimization with maximum body stiffness is a prerequisite for a good working suspension and in turn good road holding. We have stiffened the body at all the points we’ve considered necessary in order to be able to absorb the road forces effectively. Here too our racing experience has come in handy.

Porsche and other exotic car owners will tell you that the braking is one of the most important features of the car.  We started with $5,000 worth of brand new genuine Porsche Turbo brakes front and rear.  These are then modified by Rebel Racing to fit the build precisely. To make the brakes fit and function in a tight space, the newly developed 17-inch forged aluminum Fuchs wheels are 9 inches deep in the front and 11 in the rear. The Turbo brakes are served by Kevlar braided oil lines. Lug nuts are titanium.  

It is pleasantly surprising that the damping and steering are so very well balanced and composed.  The front of the car stays put, most notably in bumpy off-camber turns. Thanks to the very adjustable suspension this can be fine tuned for the driver and track.  

Water bottle for scale

We had a set of Fikse wheels (same Wheels Singer uses) built for this car.

Even though Rick Hartbrodt owned he elected to use Fikse for the size.


  • Reduced overall weight for improved acceleration and braking

  • Reduced unsprung weight for enhanced ride and handling

  • Deep-pad fitments allow for massive caliper and rotor clearance

  • Rear-bolted fasteners for reduced weight and easier maintenance

  • TUV approved in Germany, recognized as the world’s highest quality level

  • Improved brake performance with increased air flow through spokes

  • Corrosion protective finishes for enhanced aesthetics and ease of cleaning

  • Forged modular construction optimized for low weight, which provides improved acceleration and handling

  • North American sourced 6061-T6 premium, aircraft-grade aluminum allows for the strongest and lightest wheels

  • Tapered edge rim profile offering increased protection from curb damage and increased edge strength

  • Low mass centers with lower moment of inertia means better acceleration and overall increased braking performance

  • Enhanced structural rigidity

  • Increased stiffness provides for faster response to inputs and longer life

  • New super-finishing utilizing diamond insert tooling

  • Most brilliant wheel finish available in the industry

  • Each wheel is custom built to each customers requirements for the best fitment and aesthetics

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